An exoskeleton with a motorized cargo lifting module. Equipped with a drive device that allows the operator to lift the load from the floor while in an upright position.

Educational designer "AGROBOT"

Thanks to robotic technology, farms will be able to significantly increase their profitability. At the moment, for example, the harvester works an average of six hours a day, and the rest of the time is idle. Unmanned tractors and combines work in the field 24 hours a day.
They are not hindered by poor visibility conditions, rain or fog does not bother them, and even at night an unmanned tractor is able to process, mow, harvest as efficiently as during the day.

Robots football players

Developing interactive robots-football players. Arrange a real football match without leaving home. Playing robots, you can feel like a real coach, football player and even a commentator. Robots can move or slide back and forth, right and left while driving the ball.
Prototype of a robotic airfield tractor
Towing of massive and large-sized objects. Coupling is carried out either through the towing carrier or by installing the front landing gear of the aircraft on the platform of the airfield tractor.
Bionic type underwater robot
Thanks to the developed control algorithms and new batteries, both prototypes are able to stay underwater for 6 to 10 hours, and they can dive to a depth of 30 to 50 meters, depending on the technical characteristics.
Such robots are necessary for penetration into hard-to-reach places, underwater exploration, monitoring of reservoirs and water conditions, scanning the bottom relief, as well as for participation in dangerous operations for divers, thereby preserving their health and life.
CUBESAT 3U Satellite
The main task of the devices is to create an information network that allows addressing newly arrived devices and excluding those that have failed without remote control. Retransmission and parallel transmission to the ground monitoring point are organized inside the network. An inertial navigation system is installed to determine the angles of rotation in three axes: yaw, pitch and rotation. Each device has a vacuum gauge.
TurtleBro Robot
Educational and methodological complex, including a software and hardware platform for the study of Robot Operation System (ROS), Linux OS and principles of development of modern robotics. The robot is designed for practical training within the framework of training courses and self-education for schoolchildren and students.
Robot "Zmeelok-3"
The serpentine robot "Zmeelok-3" is designed for diagnostics of hard-to-reach places, including pipes of various diameters, as well as for applied scientific research, development of new approaches to the control system of modular and hyper-redundant robots.
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